Yumesamdong-Zero Point


Snow at Yumesamdong has always been of great attraction for tourists.  Located at an altitude of around 15300 feet Yumesamdong (popularly known as Zero Point) is very near to the Chinese border. It is about 26 kilometers from Yumthang Valley, another famous place in North Sikkim. From Yumthang Valley it takes almost an hour to reach Zero Point. This drive is as amusing as the place itself – through the meandering mountainous roads amidst the rocky terrain of North Sikkim. It is a life-time experience.

With the majestic mountains and snow around – it is like being at the only place in the world. Yume Samdong in Sikkim remains snow laden throughout the year. If you are lucky enough you may even see the wild Himalayan Blue Sheep which is extremely rare, grazing on the pasture. The way leading to Yumesamdong is a passage through natural grandeur filled with the subtle aroma of Azalea flowers pervading the atmosphere. These flowers are the basic material out of which local people make incense sticks. Since the place is near to the international border between India and China, special permit is required to visit Yumesamdong.

Attractions around Yumesamdong

Yumesamdong is a valley grazed by yaks and their nomadic shepherd. There are around 14 hot springs in Yume Samdong. These water of these hot springs are rich in sulphur and are said to have medicinal and healing properties. The exotic splendour of this place is enough to keep you engrossed in its charm.

Things to do at Yumesamdong

For trekkers, the road from Yumesamdong down to Yumthang is one of the favourites. Trekking initiates from Yume Samdong and the route moves down to Yumthang via Phuhun Ri and Donkya Ri. Snow has been the best attraction here and guests prefer to play in the snow. For those who love Sikkimise food, can enjoy momos and tea at this great height to keep off the cold.

Best time to visit Yume Samdong

Best time to visit Yumesamdong (Zero Point) is March to April. During this time there is snow all around and yet the beauty of this place is untouched. During October to December the sky remains blue and roads are better accessible.


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